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Just Mustard Stun with 'Heart Under' - An Issue 2.2 Preview

By Erin Christie
Photo by Olof Grind

Dundalk, Ireland quintet Just Mustard's forthcoming sophomore album, Heart Under (due May 27 via Partisan), is a true testament to their standout nature, established via their ability to create hypnotic bliss, melding sludgy shoegaze-adjacent melodies with synth-laden hysteria. Throughout their discography, where guitars wail and shriek and airy vocals contrastingly levitate, everything blends together beautifully. It’s this balance between chaos and calm that establishes their greatness, both as masters of spooky brilliance and upbeat, mosh-worthy bangers.

Avoiding being pigeon-holed by sticking to the hallmarks of classic ‘shoegaze,’ Just Mustard keeps things sounding utterly their’s, too, with the benefit of a sound that draws imagery of an intimate house show, as opposed to a preciously organized studio session. Their recordings contain the raw energy of their live performances, the synergy and energetic balance that takes place when all five members of the group enter a musical playing field. This unabashed space is where Just Mustard hit their sweet spot, making it no wonder that greats of the genre such as The Cure have given them totally deserved praise.

The upcoming Penny print issue, Issue 2.2, features an interview with the band about their sophomore album, their tour with fellow Irish post-punkers Fontaines D.C., and much more. In the meantime, Heart Under is out May 27, and singles "I Am You," "Still," and "Mirrors" are out now via all DSPS. Listen below!

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