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Who is Penny?



Erin Christie


Abra Richardson - Photographer, Writer

Aleiagh Hynds - Photographer

Alexandra Santos - Photographer

Ari Karnezis - Photographer, Writer

Aubrey Calapp - Graphic Designer

Brian Mecinas - Photographer, Writer

Caroline Daniels - Photographer, Writer

Caroline Safran - Photographer, Writer

Chama Jemmali - Writer, Photographer

Dylan McNally - Writer

Eddy Lopez - Graphic Designer

Elaine Tantra - Photographer

Erin Dickson - Writer, Photographer

Ethan Lam - Photographer

Gabrielle Peterson - Writer, Playlist Curator

Giliann Karon - Writer

Hillary Safadi - Photographer, Writer

Isabel Corp - Writer

James Lore - Photographer, Writer

Jason Boyle - Writer

Maddie Grey - Graphic Designer

Marí Cárdenas - Writer, Playlist Curator

Melody J Myers - Writer, Photographer

Miranda Nicusanti - Photographer

Morgan Hooks - Writer

Rachel Laurie - Writer, Graphic Designer

Shannen Hulley - Graphic Designer

Zachary Troyanovsky - Writer


Benita Blue - Graphic Designer, Playlist Curator

Carly Tagen-Dye - Writer

Chanelle Diaz - Graphic Designer

Charis Huling - Graphic Designer

Claire Russell - Writer

Emma Niggley - Graphic Designer

Hannah Forsyth - Writer, Graphic Designer

Itzel Quintana - Graphic Designer

Janine Benson - Writer

Jolie Asuncion - Graphic Designer

Julia Tricot - Graphic Designer

Liam Thomas - Writer

Maans Maniekandan - Graphic Designer

Marianna Kaimakliotis - Writer

Meg McCarney - Writer

Mina Johnson - Writer

Molly Alexander - Writer

Molly Alexander - Writer, Playlist Curator

Nina Tsur - Graphic Designer

Sarah Zimmer - Writer

Skylar O’Kane - Writer

Zhenzhen Yu - Writer

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