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Goat Girl

In the years since the release of their 2018 self-titled debut, South London’s Goat Girl has seen their world shift on both a musical and personal level, and even more so since the arrival of the pandemic. The group — composed of vocalist Clottie Cream (Lottie Pendelbury), drummer Rosy Bones (Rosy Jones), guitarist L.E.D. (Ellie Rose Davies), and new bassist Holly Hole (Holly Mullineaux) — have endured a tumultuous few months alone, including overcoming a  devastating cancer diagnosis, enduring quarantine-related separation, seeing the closure of elemental independent venues, and even the end of touring worldwide. 

Despite every obstacle that has been strewn in their path, however, the band has pushed on ahead, having spent a lot of their time in the past year or so crafting their forthcoming release, On All Fours (released on January 29).

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