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Catcher and Been Stellar Embark on their First US Tour: A Playlist

Intro by Erin Christie

Playlist by Catcher and Been Stellar

It’s no question that New York City might as well be a breeding ground for musical odds and ends, a platform from which the coolest thing you’ve never heard of can come to life. In the case of the gritty, distorted post-punk sound that is gradually reemerging and sweeping the globe, too, the Big Apple has its own crop of contemporaries making their way up in the scene, with two of said offspring being the bands Catcher and Been Stellar.

Each group, though distinct in thematic inspiration and sonic influence, both deliver their content with enough bite that it’s nearly impossible to avoid having them on your radar, especially if you appreciate a raucous live show and the chance to let go of your pent up tension in the heat of a mosh pit. Thus, with consideration for their shared mastery of the sort of sound that can get a mass of sweaty bodies to part and crash together at their beck-and-call, the duo decided to embark on a month’s long tour across the States this summer, with nothing but a cramped van and a dream. Beginning with a sold out date at The Sultan Room in Brooklyn, they gradually made their way across the entire border of the US, making pit stops in cities such as Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Austin, and many more. All the while, they captivated audiences at each venue they visited, cementing their status as “ones to watch” even outside of their humble stomping grounds back home.

Ultimately, despite enduring just as much physical exhaustion as one would expect when touring across the country in a four-door van for weeks on end — in addition to experiencing an unfortunate van break-in in Oakland — both bands thankfully emerged (somewhat) unscatched as they made their way back to the East Coast in mid-August. With a collection of tour war stories and enough exhaustion to sleep for at least a week, their debut stint on the road proved fruitful, and served as evidence for the greatness that is surely lying ahead for each of them.

Toward the end of the tour, I asked Catcher and Been Stellar to compile a handful of tracks that they believe had been staples throughout their journey together. The following playlist is what they came up with:


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Catcher is playing a headlining gig at Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on September 12!


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