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Wolf Alice Announce 'Blue Lullaby' EP, Share Stunningly Ethereal Version of "The Last Man On Earth"

By Erin Christie
Photo by Andy DeLuca

Whenever I receive an email headlined with the name Wolf Alice and I can't help but feel my heart-rate speed up a bit, absolutely due to the fact that they're one of the most exciting bands working today. Contrastingly to their hallmark heart-pumping-ly raucous energy, though, the band's newly announced EP, Blue Lullaby, might have the opposite effect on listeners, urging them to kick off their shoes, lay back, and be fully immersed in a sea of starry sounds and orchestral swells.

Blue Lullaby — an EP composed of stripped-down versions of tracks off the band's highly acclaimed third LP, Blue Weekend — is introduced with a reimagined version of lead single, "The Last Man On Earth," out today via RCA Records. While the original version of the track is already hauntingly gorgeous and jaw-dropping, this newly stripped version oozes with intense emotion and capitalizes on the mesmerizing synergy that exists between the foursome, going on a decade existing as a beloved musical project. Even without lush production, soothing synths, and the glamour of an epic guitar solo, you can't help but feel compelled to submit under Wolf Alice's spell, especially as vocalist Ellie Rowsell lets out a warbly croon, accompanied and carried by the subtle musical backdrop crafted by her fellow bandmates. This forthcoming EP, even with just one track out, is sure to stand as a testament to Wolf Alice's magnetic quality.

Speaking on the forthcoming EP, Rowsell wrote:

"Blue Lullaby came about because we wanted to strip down some of our more emotional songs from Blue Weekend and see if they hit any different. We also had a really nice moment during the Blue Weekend campaign singing one of our songs with a choir and we wanted to experience that again with a few other songs, especially as there are a lot of harmonies and a lot of vocal layering on Blue Weekend. Hearing multiple voices singing together is an unparalleled feeling to me so I'm happy we got to record this experience and I hope people enjoy it.”
Blue Lullaby is out June 24 via RCA Records. It is available to pre-save now.


1. “No Hard Feelings” (Lullaby Version) 2. “Lipstick On The Glass” (Lullaby Version) 3. “How Can I Make it ok?” (Lullaby Version) 4. “The Last Man On Earth” (Lullaby Version)

Read more about Wolf Alice and their album Blue Weekend in our last print issue, Penny 1.2 - The 2021 Year-Ender. Read via ISSUU now.


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