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Sub*T Behind-the-Scenes: A Photo Diary

Intro by Erin Christie

Photography and Captions by Sub*T (Grace Bennett and Jade Alcantara)

Despite a distance of over a dozen states standing between Grace Bennett (Brooklyn, NY) and Jade Alcantara (Oakland, CA), there was no stopping a force as strong as Sub*T after it was dreamt up.

The release of the pair's long-awaited debut single, "Boxing Day" (on May 21st), quickly established just how impressive their talents are, even at such an early stage in their careers. It has a bullet-proof backbone composed of quick-witted and relatable lyrics, hypnotic guitar licks, a heart-pounding drumbeat, and an undeniably toe-tapping melody, making it almost destined to join not only your personal playlist, but just as easily, the soundtrack of a '90s suburban rom-com such as 10 Things I Hate About You.

Most recently, Sub*T have proven their prowess yet again with another single entitled "Too Soon Too Long," a track riddled with longing and the desire for closeness, especially in a time such as this when proximity is as coveted as ever. With both releases, they've combined the essences of bubblegum pop, garage rock, and fuzzed-out riot grrl, tapping into an utterly intoxicating sonic space that they've made all their own. It's clear that this pair learned a thing or two during their days spent in the crowd, and it's paid off in monumental ways.

Based off their expertly crafted aesthetic and sonic sensibilities, Sub*T is a definite band to watch. To get a taste of what goes into their creative process and to learn more about them, we had the band send over a photo diary, which you can view below!



Our bestie Jess made this for our studio. It’s a complete vibe.

Some hot sexy stick versions of us made to brainstorm photoshoots, they obviously became our mascots.

Oh look, our mascots! A diagram of a photoshoot! Theoretical backdrops! Obviously covered is asterisks (that’s our thing now *NSYNC). And are those song lyrics? Don’t even think about squinting.

So many songs, so little time. Our friend Monica painted that for Jade. It deserved a spot on the lyric wall.

Grace completely shredding. You have to wear red to be admitted into the studio (even our interface is wearing red). Preferably a granny tracksuit from a Salvation Army in Oakland.

Oops I didn’t wear red. But whatever. Jade’s dining room, Jade’s rules.

Where the madness, mania and magic happens.

This was the day I upgraded to a new FENDER STRAT BABY. I wasted no time taping SUBT on it with gold tape we bought for two quid at a Tesco in London.

When the mic stand breaks you use a mason jar, no mic screen, and keep on moving.

Jade cosplaying Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Oh… the ups and downs of friendship.

Draft one of "Too Soon Too Long" lyrics from November 2019. This claims to be draft one but that’s a total lie. More like the millionth draft. Spoiler alert that is now set in stone.

Artifacts and a film strip from the 2019 trip that inspired "Too Soon Too Long." If you wanna feel like a rockstar stay at the Phoenix Hotel in San Francisco. Not a paid ad.


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