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Behind Sizzy Rocket's Queer Anthem "Rebel Revolution" - A Penny Exclusive

Words by Erin Christie
Photos by Worst November (@worstnovember)

Today, dynamic alternative pop songstress Sizzy Rocket returns with another brand new single off her forthcoming full-length, an electro-infused queer battlecry entitled "Rebel Revolution." Known for her momentous energy and brazen attitude, Rocket adds yet another strong inclusion to her discography with this new track, paving the way for the infectious content that is sure to come.

Speaking on the track, she wrote:

“I wanted to make a hot, gay summer anthem,” Sizzy Rocket says. “Honestly, ‘Rebel Revolution’ is about being gay as fuck. I had to free myself and let go of the fear I was harboring from being shamed and told to hide my gayness early in my career. It’s about taking my power back, the idea that true rebellion comes from within. A rebel is simply someone who dares to show themselves to the world – and this song is calling all rebels.
“I had been doing a lot of songwriting with Fernando Garibay at his studio and it was a dream of mine to get him on the track – ‘Born This Way’ was such a defining record in my life. I was nervous to ask but he actually said yes and we banged out the production in two intense days. He has a way of tapping into an artist’s true essence – the process transformed me and brought my inner pop diva to life. It just means so much to finally feel strong in my own skin and carry on such a powerful message.”

To celebrate her new single, Rocket has shared a series of exclusive behind-the-scenes photos with Penny. Check them out below and listen to her new single via all DSPS, now!


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