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Phoebe Green Gets Vulnerable with New Single, "IDK"

By Melody J Myers

Photo by Chelsea Mulcahy

After releasing her I Can’t Cry For You EP in 2020, Manchester-based singer-songwriter

Phoebe Green is back and presents us with her newest track "IDK," a shoegaze-ish, indie-pop banger, and we’re so excited about it.

The track starts off with kicking drums, and, immediately, you know it’s going to be good. From the deadpan talk-singing to thematic shifts of emotion, we can tell that Green is singing about the common feeling where everything is passing you by, as you watch your life unfold right in front of you. As always, Green and her truthful, resonating lyrics stand out — her songwriting shows how genuine she is, and it makes her lyricism inviting and easy to understand (take the line, "I find myself wondering what you told your therapist / did you mention my inability to be remotely intimate?,” for example). Her continuous feelings of vulnerability and truth continue to shine with every part of this track, and mixed with her charisma, she creates a combination that you can’t stop listening to.

Like previous tracks, "IDK" has the perfect amount of edge to it, too. With a drowsy chorus that makes you feel as if your floating in your own timescape, it sits between dreamy and authentic. The track gives off an atmospheric sense of detachment and disconnection with what’s going on with one's own life, mixed with electronica, banging

drums, and wavering guitar — there’s absolutely nothing that can stop Green from continuously making the most relatable songs, that are also made for the dance floor. Her super power is her vulnerability, and her being able to display that is incredibly powerful.


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