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New Beginnings: A Spring Playlist

As part of a running series, Penny contributors have the opportunity to serve as playlist-curators, meaning they can submit collections of songs that speak to them, based around a theme or not. For this playlist, a new addition to our graphic design team, Bebe Blue, crafted a playlist of song that resonate in the springtime. As Bebe wrote,

This playlist is inspired by the coming of spring, when the sun feels new and you start to fully realize the new year. It's perfect for a walk in nature, plug in some earphones and sit on the bank of a river, a sunny window ledge, a bus stop, your back yard, a tree, or anywhere else you feel close to the sun.

Listen to Bebe's playlist and peruse her picks below!

It includes tracks from artists such as Fruit Bats, Big Thief, The Magnetic Fields, Father John Misty, and others.


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