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LIVE: Matt Maltese at Schubas Tavern in Chicago, IL

Show review and Photos by Abra Richardson

Matt Maltese has made quite the name for himself, becoming a viral sensation from his ethereal ballad "As The World Caves In," and now capitalizing on his creativity.

The music Maltese has made throughout the years has always had a level of sophistication that doesn’t happen too often from young talent, and it probably comes from the music he grew up with. At 19 years old, he began to write and record, however he has always been surrounded by music since his mother is an opera singer.

Now, at 25 years old, he has released four consistent albums, pushing his creativity each and every time.

Seeing Maltese live is like watching a classical composer but in the 21st century. As his fanbase grows, he’s to playing bigger venues, including festivals like Lollapalooza. He deserves the fame and fortune, but those shows leave less room for those intimate shows in hole in the wall venues.

On Aug 2, 2023, Maltese and band members Jacob Chatelain and Will Caleb, performed for about 400 people in the back room of Schubas Tavern, where the lights were dim and the ambiance matched with the piano melodies perfectly. Some of his biggest fans were lined up before the sun set, eager for his set.

"Curl Up and Die," "Paper Thin," and of course, "As The World Caves In," were among some of the louder singalongs, but that’s not to say the fans were passionate as they swayed away to every song. His vocals were consistently smooth, captivating the crowd and making everything feel present. Even after a long flight from England, he found a way to keep his energy high as he joked around with the crowd and tried to make shitty dad jokes.

People came to the show for his music, but left feeling like they were in an hour and a half musical conversation, wise words and symphonic melodies coming from three guys on stage. If anyone is lucky enough to be able to see Maltese perform anywhere, it's worth it, but there’s nothing like watching talent like his in a small little tavern.


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