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Lime Garden Share a Playlist of Recent Favorites

Intro by Erin Christie

Blurbs by Lime Garden (Chloe Howard, Annabel Whittle, Leila Deeley, and Tippi Morgan)

(Photo by Percy Walker-Smith)

Lime Garden are a genre-morphing, all-powerful musical quartet based out of Brighton, and the newest signees to the record label founded by So Young Magazine.

The group's latest release and their first single with So Young Records, "Sick and Tired" (released May 27), touches on the frustration and utter angst associated with coming-of-age in such a tumultuous era, but not without the addition of a twinkly, shimmy-inducing melody that is sure to get you moving along with the beat. "I keep on believing that it's gonna be fine / even if I run around in circles and change my mind," vocalist Chloe Howard croons, backed with angelic harmonies and all-encompassing, larger-than-life instrumentation littered with wobbly, synthetic fuzz and what sounds like a humming harp. Holistically, it's a banger of epic proportions, and makes a statement on this group's effortlessly entrancing energy as they mold themselves into the grooves between alt-pop and new-wave.

With regard to what’s lying ahead — including a return to society and a slew of live gigs across the UK this summer — we caught up with Lime Garden over email and they sent us a playlist filled with some of their favorite tracks, recent inspirations, and more. Make sure to read more about each pick below!


From Chloe, Annabel, Tippi, and Leila aka Lime Garden:

These are our current favourite songs at the moment. we're constantly listening to new music and revisiting old favourites. We picked these songs in particular as our music habits change with the seasons. approaching summer leads us to crave more upbeat tunes with snappier drum beats and slinky guitars. The silky smooth vocals of Matt Maltese and the bouncing bass lines from Parcels are all aspects that we took inspiration from when recording our latest single "Sick & Tired."

"The Eternal Tao" - The Voidz

Chloe: The Voidz are a band of my heart and I’m not sure if it’s because of my 14-year-old ‘Strokes’ days (with Julian Casablancas also claiming lead vocals on this bad boy) or whether it’s because it’s my favourite combination of electronic dance music, played in a band set up. It’s like the perfect night out for the guitar based music fans. They have invented a song so strange and original that it truly fascinates me, so much so that when I first heard it, I had to listen to it again so I could work out whether I loved it or hated it! Lastly, it would be rude to finish without mentioning the fuzz fest guitar wizardry featuring at 2:06 seconds (absolute genius!)

"Like I Used To" - Sharon Van Etten, Angel Olsen

Chloe: This song exudes feminine power in the highest form! The song is so moving and the video even made me shed a cheeky tear :,(

"She's My Collar" - Gorillaz, Kali Uchis

Leila: I found this song a few years ago but rediscovered it the other day online. I absolutely love it. It is so inspiring how Damon Albarn continues to create modern and relevant music through the ages, and not to forget the absolute QUEEN Kali on the vocals. The collaboration between the two work beautifully to create a tune that whilst melancholic, is still powerful and effortlessly cool; it bloody slaps!

"One Foot in Front of The Other" - Griff

Annabel: An undisputed pop banger from the amazing Griff, whom both myself and Chloe are obsessed with!

"Tunnel" - Polo and Pan

Annabel: This track slaps so hard, and has the amazing Channel Tres in it!!!

"The Difference" - Flume, Toro Y Moi

Tippi: I rediscovered this song not long ago and forgot how much it bangs. The chorus is so unbelievably catchy and just sounds like summer.

"Sequences" - L'imperatrice, Parcels

Tippi: I found this on a Parcels radio mix! I love how you can instantly tell it's a Parcels remix from the dancey bass line.

"Mystery" - Matt Maltese

Chloe: I found this song in the midst of romanticising my life on a bus around Brighton, the perfect soundtrack for watching the weather!


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