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Juice Live at Baby’s All Right

Photos and Words by Hillary Safadi

Juice is everything you’ve needed and more in a live setting. With a spirit of diversity bringing rock, pop, hip-hop, and R&B together, Juice consists of Ben Stevens, Christian Rose, Kamau Burton, Daniel Moss, Michael Riccardulli, Rami El-Abbidin, and Miles Clyatt; the band was formed out of Boston in 2013. Performing without an opener, the group kept the energy at an all time high with a sold out crowd at Baby’s All Right in NYC.

Juice’s latest release back in December 2021, Boy Story, comes after the smash singles "Audrey Tell Me," "Make Pretend," and "Stupidfreak," released back in August 2019. The night was full of tracks for new-coming fans and those who've been around for awhile — it was an amazing night. Click here to see where you can catch them in a city near you. Make sure you click here to stream the album today.

Juice Live at Baby’s All Right - NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 18


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