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Fade Awaays Return with Consumerist Anthem, “Material Things”

By Erin Christie
Photo Courtesy of Fade Awaays

Drenched in the fuzzy garage rock sound the band have clearly mastered, “Material Things” is the latest offering from Toronto indie rock group Fade Awaays. Melding a synth-laden vocal delivery with a foot-tapping, rollicking rock’n’roll hook, this track is the definition of ‘earworm,’ and possibly enough of one to brainwash you into over-consumerism.

The single’s accompanying video set-up almost reminds me of the classic Spongebob scene in which the aforementioned protagonist takes the Flying Dutchman though a journey into self-awareness via a motivational self-help video in which the phrase “the power within” essentially snaps him back to reality. In this case, Fade Awaays take center stage on the TV screen, but instead of providing a message of empowerment, they take on the role of infomercial salesmen, inspiring their viewer to buy, buy, buy and find their dopamine through acquiring an excess of material things. It’s one thing to be great musicians, but it appears they’re great salesmen, to boot!

Though bittersweet with recent context, the absolute fun that can be felt through ones screen while viewing the “Material Things” video and hearing the masterful grasp on good ole fashioned rock that Fade Awaays have mastered makes it a magical experience, too. This video signals toward an exciting new era for the band, and one that we’ll be thrilled to strap in for.

Sending infinite love to Fade Awaays, and the family and friends of Reid MacMaster.

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Listen to "Material Things" HERE.


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