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Daydream Review Announce New EP with Lead Single, "Dazed"

By Erin Dickson

In anticipation of a self-titled EP out in October, Chicago dream-pop project Daydream Review have released a new single called "Dazed" that is the perfect soundtrack for lazy summer days. The brainchild of musician Elijah Montez, Daydream Review was created when he moved cross-country from Austin to Chicago. "Dazed" is the latest single in a long line of songs that were released throughout 2020, and the first from Daydream Review to be released under Cold Lunch Recordings.

While he has been compared to other psychedelic singers such as Kevin Parker of Tame Impala, Montez’s own distinct style of “lush, washed-out psychedelia” shines through in all of his songs. With "Dazed," a bed of synths acts as a cushion throughout the entire song, weaving in and around the bass and guitar. Shimmering keyboards float around and blend meticulously with the echoing vocals and soft drums. The result is an all-encompassing wall of sound that transports you as you listen.

The song is repetitive, but that is far from a bad thing. Added harmonies from Kaitlyn Murphy and lyrics such as, "Caught in an endless feedback loop / Slumped on the couch, don’t know what to do," give "Dazed" an almost hypnotic effect. This combination of sounds results in a hazy soundscape that is equal parts haunting and comforting.

Listen to “Dazed” here and keep up with Daydream Review here.


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