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Review: The Backfires' debut, 'Consider the Backfires'

By Julie Giffin

(Photo courtesy of The Backfires)

If you’re looking for an EP filled with catchy hooks and well-crafted indie rock instrumentals, then consider The Backfires!

The Backfires are a rock band from both sides of the Atlantic (NYC/UK), composed of members Alex Gomez (frontman), Harry Ruprecht (lead guitarist), and Matt Walter (lead bassist). Consider the Backfires (which dropped on February 19) is the trio’s six-track debut EP and is a true introduction to the group. Prior to its release, the trio only had two singles, “Anything” and “The Man,” available on streaming platforms. Even without a press campaign, “Anything” amassed 56k streams in the months since its release in October 2020. That said, being a new international band amid COVID may have presented some challenges, but it’s clear that The Backfires have prevailed regardless.

Holistically, Consider the Backfires was written with inspiration from Gomez’s experience being a nineteen-year-old American living in London. It oozes with “main character moments” and captures a coming-of-age tale that is unique to the trio. For example, the aforementioned “Anything” has an incredibly vivacious guitar driven energy, which is paralleled with the story of a failed long distance relationship; it creates a brilliant duality. Gomez expresses – through the track’s explosive chorus – that he’s done everything he could to make it work, but he’s become too tired in the process. While listening to this track, I could imagine being in a mosh pit, jumping around to this stadium-sounding bop. This song is by far my earworm of the month!

By contrast, “Falling” is a stripped-back, honest, and steady slow burn. It is an exemplary track for the purpose of showcasing Gomez’s vocals, just as well as Ruprecht and Walter’s musicianship, too. The guitar sounds groovy and rich, accompanied the ballad-eqsue lyrics such as, “Fall into me I fall into you / tell me that you want this too.”

The final track, “Before the Sunrise,” starts off punchy with sharp breaks. Gomez gives us a glimpse into his reflections on a relationship fueled by red wine and false happiness. Sonically, a hurried intensity is evoked throughout to emphasize the concept of time (“Let’s keep on wasting each other’s time, let’s keep pretending before the sunrise”). On the same note as the rest of the EP, the song is anthemic of just being a young person who is navigating life and having fun while experiencing their fair share of mistakes.


Be sure to check out Consider the Backfires! In addition, make sure to keep up with the band on their socials (listed below).


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