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Cola Turns Over a New Leaf with "Blank Curtain"

By Isabel Corp

Since 2012, the now defunct Canadian post punk outfit Ought has made some of the most consistently adventurous, exciting, and engaging projects in the indie world over the past decade. So when the Montreal quartet made up of Tim Darcy (vocals, guitar), Ben Stidworthy (bass), Matt May (keyboards), and Tim Keen (drums), announced that they were no longer active as a band earlier this month, they sent a collective shockwave through their fanbase and several online music communities.

“We are no longer active as a band,” the group announced via social media. “We send lots of gratitude and love to all those we met and worked with along the way.” The band followed this statement with the announcement that two of the members were working on a brand new project under the name Cola, and released a debut single titled “Blank Curtain” on November 3rd.

Cola is a new project helmed by Darcy and Stideworthy alongside U.S. Girls drummer Evan Cartwright, and on November 3, the trio unveiled their debut single, “Blank Curtain,” a lyrically-abstract rumination on losing one’s identity. “Is there a notion to explain the mirror to the wall?,” Darcy ponders over elegiac instrumentation. What really gives the song its distinctive character in addition to Darcy’s sardonic poetry are the buzzing analogue textures and mosquito guitar licks. “Blank Curtain” envelopes the listener in white noise with hooky guitar grooves and a detached lyrical delivery from Darcy that is strongly reminiscent of Television’s Marquee Moon.

“Blank Curtain” is a strong opening statement with Darcy and Stideworthy making it abundantly clear that they are not interested in repeating their former output with Ought. This new collaboration is an exciting taste of what’s to come and their musical chemistry with Cartwright is sublime. If “Blank Curtain” gives listeners any indication of what’s in the works for Cola, then the follow-up it’s bound to be something fresh.

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