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A Love Letter to Ashe

Body by Maanasa Manikandan, Intro by Erin Christie

(Photo by Dana Trippe)

In honor of International Women's Month, the Penny team has decided to make an effort to show support and love to our favorite women musicians. Thus, we present the Love Letter series, a collection of letters in which contributors have written to their favorite women in music, telling them how much they appreciate and admire them.

Here, we present the first letter, a note written by contributing graphic designer Maanasa Manikandan and addresses Ashe (aka Ashlyn Rae Wilson). Ashe is best known for her hit indie-pop single "Moral of the Story" (off her sophomore ep, Moral of the Story Pt. 1). After the track was featured on the soundtrack for the hit Netflix film To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (2020), she re-released it as a collaboration with Niall Horan, just after she unveiled Moral of the Story Pt. 2. Most recently, this month, the stellar singer-songwriter came out with a brand new single ft. FINNEAS called "Till Forever Falls Apart," and even more amazing content and collaborations are sure to come.

Read Maans' Love Letter to Ashe below.


Hello Ashe,

I hope you’re well! You must probably be soaking in all the excitement from releasing a new song last week. I don’t know if people write you love letters, but I’m writing one anyways. You have no idea as to who I am, but hey, I honestly feel like you’re my doppelganger; one that lives on the other side of the Earth.

I listened to your song "Moral of the Story" and it felt like you wrote that song for me. There has been no turning back ever since. Every song that you put out just gets even better; I feel so blessed to exist in a generation that gets to listen to legendary music such as yours. You’re a legend that makes music with legends!

I love your music and your songs help me get through sleepless nights and the feeling of tight knots in my chest when the rest of the world has fallen asleep. I feel like the world should listen to your songs, the lyrics you probably scrawled onto a piece of paper, while making spaghetti for dinner. You’re so powerful and beautiful, Ashe; you lift people up. If a 20-year-old like me can listen to your words, starry eyed and tongue tied, I can simply imagine the spell you’ve cast on the rest of the world.

Thank you for everything you’ve given me — for getting me through quarantine and for existing. I love you. I cannot wait to watch you perform live someday. Maybe I’ll scream the loudest in the crowd! Until then, I’ll be your biggest fan. Sending you warmth and hugs from my maroon turtleneck to yours.

Take Care,



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