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A Band You Need to Know: Wet Leg

By Dylan McNally
Wet Leg
Photo by Hollie Fernando

There has seemingly been an increase in uplifting media as of late. Ted Lasso, a show based almost entirely on its feel-good factor, swept the board at the Emmys, and we have seen the creation of and interest in websites such as and shows such as John Krasinski’s Some Good News. One of the ‘It’ bands of the moment, Wet Leg have continued this trend, providing the quite serious, often dark and brooding (some may say overly pretentious) current UK ‘guitar-music’ scene with some joy.

Wet Leg don’t take themselves too seriously, singing about wet dreams, chaise longues, and bubble baths over simplistic yet effective guitar riffs, which is where their charm lies. In a world that often makes you feel like crap, amongst bands that take themselves oh so seriously, Wet Leg are a refreshing bout of silliness. It is no surprise then that their first single, "Chaise Longue," currently has over 5 million streams on Spotify, with its follow up, "Wet Dream," not too far behind. Essentially, it's clear that people just want to have fun in spite of everything, and Wet Leg provide the perfect soundtrack. Their lyrics don’t try to hide in metaphor and are not over complicated, in actual fact they are the opposite. The music itself is the same. At a time when bands seem to want to outdo each other with how many genres and instruments they can incorporate into their sound, Wet Leg keep it simple-a couple of guitars, bass and drums. The result is fantastic. The highest praise I can think to give is that "Chaise Longue" is a song that you will want to be stuck in your head. And it will be stuck in your head.

To be clear, I love most current UK guitar music and this is not a criticism of that, simply that there is only so much post-punk infused with jazz and noise and math rock (and seemingly everything else) that someone can take. Sometimes, you just need to keep it simple and keep it fun. While music is a great outlet for delivering smart, political messages, other times, when you listen, you just want to shut off from the world. Wet Leg allows you, in short bursts, to forget about everything and just release. It’s no wonder they have gained such a large following in such a short period of time.

With a debut album set to be released in April, hopefully, more people will join Wet Leg and revel in their pure, unfiltered joy in a time when both in music and beyond, happiness can feel hard to come by. Wet Leg provide the ultimate antidote, in gloomy times they are the band we need. So, put them on, turn it up, and let go.

Or, as they might say. Three. Two. One. Let’s Begin.

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