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My Time Living in New York: By Concert

By Erin Christie

After dedicating roughly 5 years of my life to being a “Bostonian,” the time for me to make the age-old trek to Brooklyn finally arrived, and understandably, my excitement was met with a healthy amount of anxiety when it came down to it. Despite the move being absolutely horrendous (I’ll just say that we moved into an apartment that was still fully furnished, but abandoned by the previous tenants), I had the reassurance of knowing that, in due time, I would be settled and having my Official New York Moment.

After 2+ months of living here, I’ve gradually acclimated to the hustle and bustle: from tackling the massively intimidating escalator at Broadway Junction to get to the L, attempting to keep up with my friends when we go out (but ultimately heading home when my grandma tendencies kick in), spending way too much money on groceries, catching household mice in measuring cups, and adopting a cat in spite of my mild allergies. Despite the change, the one constant that has transferred over from Boston-life to my time in this city is my frequent concert attendance, though I would dare say that my escapades at sweaty nightclubs have become far more frequent, given the greater amount of action this city naturally has.

Below, I’ve written a tiny blurb about the handful of shows I’ve attended since moving to NYC.


Horsegirl @ Bowery Ballroom (8/10) - My first time shooting a show in NYC since moving here! Arrived really late because I was taking a nap and photos came out super mediocre, but that’s how it goes sometimes!

Tiberius @ No Aloha (8/12) - My partner played their first show in NYC and I felt honored to have been there! The sound quality stunk (but not by anyone’s fault). Went to Birdy’s after and (of course) took a photobooth strip

Julie and Hello Mary @ Elsewhere Zone One (8/25) - It felt like this was the show you HAD to be at, and that it would’ve been a loss if I hadn’t gone. Shows with that vibe are always interesting, because it’s easy to over-hype them in your head, but thankfully, this one met the mark! Special thanks to Hello Mary for letting me photograph!

My Chemical Romance @ Mohegan Sun Arena (8/27) - Such a surreal experience and a total honor, given the fact that 1) MCR is one of my favorite bands, 2) I never thought I’d get the chance to see them live (let alone take photos of them), and 3) I was at a venue I’d grown up going to shows at

Birdsong Festival in Middletown Springs, VT (9/3-9/4) - Truly one of the best experiences I’ve had! Such a beautiful location, stellar lineup, and amazing organization. Props to my friends for putting it on and looking forward to next year!

Black Country New Road @ Bowery Ballroom (9/5) - Might’ve given in anD purchased a tote bag (that I don’t need) just because of how great this show was. So stoked to have finally seen them live, and was even more exciting to heart them play completely new material! Also, I think the line to get into this gig was the longest I’ve seen at Bowery.

Ethel Cain @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (9/12) - Hayden is my girl (no question about it) and I absolutely cried, witnessing her final show in a sold-out three-show run. Such an immovable talent!

Indieplaza @ Rockefeller Center (9/17) - Very random location for a very random event. Had the chance to see the lovely Horsegirl again, saw snippets of Claud, and caught Automatic before making the hour-long trek back to Brooklyn (with a new friend, Monchhichi, in tow).

Iceage @ The Brooklyn Monarch (9/21) - Best gig I’ve literally ever seen them play? Not sure what it was, but something was different in the best way. First night of tour and they came out swinging!

Arctic Monkeys @ King’s Theatre (9/22) - No words I write could do this show justice. As it was a phones-free event, I have no evidence of the performance (stay tuned for the live documentary that’s on the way), but the memories that I have are seriously enough to carry me through a dreary night. The setlist was bonkers, including some of my favorites (“From the Ritz to the Rubble,” “Pretty Visitors,” “Brianstorm,” “505”) and some new ones, including the live debut of “There’d Better Be a Mirrorball,” “Body Paint,” and “Mr. Schwartz.” My sincerest apologies to the audience-goers around me who witnessed my jaw completely detach from my face when they walked onstage, illuminated by the glow of a massive mirrorball (how fitting). I truly believe this was one of the coolest events I had the honor of attending and it’s 100% surreal to say that I had the opportunity to help usher in the The Car era in such a special way.

Wolf Alice @ Terminal 5 (9/27) - If it’s not obvious, this band means THE WOLRD to me, and seeing them play their largest US venue to date was a true honor. During “Bros,” my friend Mon put me on her shoulders and I got to sing the words back to Ellie, which was such a special moment. Shout-out to Sally as well, for dragging me into the pit during “You’re a Germ,” definitely irritating everyone we squished past.

The Garden @ Brooklyn Steel (10/2) - My first time seeing The Garden in NYC was definitely memorable! Given the fact that the largest venue I’d seen them play previously was just over a 500-person capacity, it was a bit jarring to see them play before almost 2,000 pairs of eyes, but super gratifying as it shows how far they’ve come!

Turnstile, JPEGMAFIA, and Snail Mail @ The Brooklyn Mirage (10/3) - This was perhaps the most insane concert experience I’ve EVER had, which is saying something. I hadn’t realized that Brooklyn Mirage was a totally outdoor venue until I arrived, which meant I was absolutely unprepared for the evening spent sopping wet and shivering. But once Turnstile stepped onstage, illuminated by a multi-panelled LED backdrop spanning the stage that sat before a sea of anticipatory concert-goers (myself included), enough adrenaline filled my body to the point that I no longer even noticed how cold I was. Safe from the rumble behind the VIP barricade (thank you, Julia!), I watched body after body tumble across the surface of the unrelenting pit, propelled toward the band and then quickly ushered back into the mass by security. As Turnstile cycled through hits off GLOW ON, the album that I will admit got me REALLY into them, I felt as though I was witnessing a historic event, and I very well may have been.

Fontaines D.C. @ The Stone Pony (10/5) - Going to this show was definitely a spur-of-the-moment decision (largely influenced by the fact that this might be the only opportunity I have to see this band at a small venue ever again, thanks for their spot opening for Arctic Monkeys on their 2023 tour), but I am definitely so glad I went and experienced the NJ commuter rail for the first time in doing so. Such a sweaty, beer-soaked evening and a perfect way to be re-introduced to their stage presence, in a cramped, ultra-tight photo pit in front of a knee-height platform. Seeing them also made me feel oddly nostalgic, as the last time had been at the now shuttered Great Scott in Boston, RIP :(

Momma @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (10/8) - Last night of this tour and such a blast! My photos are definitely out of focus, but I feel as though the raw energy of them captured the atmosphere of the night well. Super stoked that this band is gaining traction, and honored to watch them grow in the span of such a short amount of time. Bug House is honestly one of my favorite albums, and Household Name just keeps the momentum going. Cliche, but Momma is absolutely one to watch.

Shame @ Brooklyn Steel (10/18) - Was worth getting absolutely obliterated in the pit and waking up with sticky hair (from the beer shower I experienced) to see this band again after over 3 years. Also worth staying up til 4:30 for no earthly reason, even though they didn’t play “Donk” or “Lampoon.”

Dehd @ Brooklyn Steel (10/21) - Biggest venue I’ve seen these guys play! Despite being slightly frantic due to camera malfunctions, this was yet another lovely experience seeing a band that truly defined the 2020 pandemic era for me (Flower of Devotion is such a flawless record, and it really helped me get through that stressful time!) So happy to see them thriving and playing for bigger and bigger crowds, too. Not to be sappy, but I really just want to see them thrive.


10/29 - FIDLAR, Liily, Native Sun @ Irving Plaza

11/1 - Holly Humberstone @ Webster Hall

11/5 - Just Mustard, Been Stellar @ Baby’s All Right

11/9 - Sorry @ Elsewhere

11/10 - Alex G @ Brooklyn Steel

11/16 - Alvvays @ King’s Theatre

11/19 - Jockstrap @ The Sultan Room


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