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A Belated Look at Camp Cope's Comeback Single, "Blue"

By Giliann Karon
Camp Cope
Photo by Michelle Grace Hunder

Melbourne trio Camp Cope made a name for themselves when they challenged the indie rock patriarchy with biting vengeance on their 2018 album, How to Socialise and Make Friends. After a three-year hiatus, during which lead singer Georgia Maq released an album of her own, the band reunited in the studio during the pandemic.

Blue” showcases the band’s softer side, complete with delicate harmonies and balmy guitar. Maq ruminates about finding clarity in a relationship amidst her own depression, ultimately succumbing to her compulsive tendencies (“Phone in my hand, still checking if you called/I'm double texting).” And while she recognizes overthinking sabotages her stability, it’s impossible to snap out of it.

“If you wanna take off, baby, you do you,” she aches, grounded by Sarah Thompson's steady drums. She arrives at the haunting realization that perhaps her weight is too heavy for her and her partner to bear. The track overflows with catharsis, albeit more refined than their previous work, where untamed guitar and drums push Maq’s muscular voice to the brink.

Leaning into folkier sounds allows the band to examine their own tenderness and the human condition, rather than channeling their rage through punk. Instead of letting instruments drive the track, they gently settle into the background and the spotlight shines entirely on Maq’s lyrics, allowing the isolated vocals to expose the disconnect between Maq’s mind and what the world has planned. This time around, she opts for introspective croons, rather than bold fermatas.

The band has not given any other hints about their forthcoming album, though their longtime label, Run for Cover, called the track “a signal of what’s to come sonically.” Fans should expect a departure from Camp Cope’s typical diaristic bitterness as the band looks inward and explores their personal relationships.

Listen to “Blue” below and keep up with Camp Cope on Instagram.

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